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Smartube IMC conduit - Ống luồn Smartube ren IMC | SMARTUBE

Smartube IMC steel conduit là loại ống luồn dây điện trung, ren răng được, thích hợp cho các công trình xây dựng, được nhập khẩu từ Smartube Malaysia.

Ống luồn dây điện ren IMC
Intermediate Metal Conduit - IMC Steel conduit
Tiêu chuẩn ANSI C 80.6/ UL 1242 (USA)
Mã sản phẩm
Product Code
Kích thước
Đường kính ngoài
Độ dày
Chiều dài ống
1 1/4
1 1/2
2 1/2
3 1/2


Ứng Dụng :

  • Smartube IMC steel conduit được lắp đặt cho các khu vực có độ va đập cơ khí cao và  một số khu vực chống cháy nổ.
  • Ống luồn dây điện IMC Smartube thích hợp cho các công trình dân dụng và các công trình công nghiệp.

Đặc Điểm :

  • Là ống trung, được ren sẵn 2 đầu theo tiêu chuẩn ANSI/ ASME B.1.20.1-1983 (NPT) và kèm theo một khớp nối.
  • SMARTUBE IMC steel conduit và các phụ kiện được liên kết với nhau thông qua các khớp ren.

Ưu Điểm :

  • Bảo vệ tốt dây điện.
  • Chống cháy tốt do hệ thống cáp điện/dây điện lão hóa theo thời gian.
  • Tăng tính bảo mật và bảo vệ.
  • Chống nhiễu điện từ.
  • Không cháy và không tạo khói độc khi cháy như ống luồn dây điện PVC. Ở Việt Nam, đa số vụ cháy nhà cao tầng gây nhiều tử vong là do ngạt khói độc xuất hiện trong lúc cháy.
  • Có khả năng tái chế và thân thiện môi trường xanh.
  • Có thể dùng chôn dưới đất.
  • Dễ thay đổi hệ thống đi dây dẫn điện trong tương lai.
  • Chịu được va đập cao.
  • Chi phí cho vòng đời sử dụng thấp.
  • Hệ số giản nở thấp phù hợp sử dụng với vật liệu xây dựng thông dụng.
  • Tương tích với các hóa chất trong bê-tông.

Vật Liệu : 

  • Thép

Hoàn Thiện : 

  • Mạ nhúng nóng bên ngoài (In-line Hot Dip galvanized)

Dung Sai Cho Phép : 

  • Đường kính ngoài   ± 0.13 mm
  • Chiều dài               ± 6.00 mm
  • Độ dày                   ± 0.4 mm

Tiêu Chuẩn :

  • ANSI C80.6-2005(USA)
  • UL-1242-1983 (USA)
GI STEEL CONDUIT PIPE Superior galvanizing by in-line hop-dop process for greater protection against corrosion. Finished with durable and clear anti-corrosion coating for higher protection outside and higer grade epoxy coating inside.
1) Easy and accurate bending: Panasonic White Conduit is made of high quality steel and processed by high frequency induction welding to prevent cracking when bend.
2) Easy wire pushing and pulling: the high-grade stoved epoxy resin coating on the inside wall makes wire-pulling easy, and protects against
3) Easy coupling and fast installation: Precise, sharp threads cut by automated machinery mean fast and easy installation. Precise thread also makes our conduit virtually moisture-tight.
4) High corrosion resistance: Pure zinc coating on the exterior wall and stoved epoxy resin finish on the inside protects WHITE CONDUIT from corrosion, even by harsh chemicals and sea air.
5) Uniform quality: Flat steel is rolled, zinc-coated and threaded in one continuous automated process for uniform high quality.


SMARTUBE- CATVANLOI IMC conduit (SMARTUBE-CVL Intermediate Metal Conduit) is produced by a continuous weld (ERW) process using hot galvanizing to zinc-coat the exterior surfaces evenly and smoothly. A secondary transparent organic coating provides further protection against corrosion. SMARTUBE- CATVANLOI IMC conduit (SMARTUBE-CVL Intermediate Metal Conduit) manufactured in accordance with Underwriters Laboratories specification UL-1242 and with American National Standards Institute (ANSI) C80.6. Approved by the National Electrical Code (NEC) article 342 for use in place of galvanized rigid conduit and also conforms to Federal Specifications WWC-581-Type 2, which has been superseded by the UL document.
Quality controlled each step of the way - regular tests for weld strength, plating thickness, all dimensions, and uniform smoothness of the interior and exterior coating provide you with IMC conduit of the highest quality. SMARTUBE- CATVANLOI IMC conduit (SMARTUBE-CVL Intermediate Metal Conduit) requires approximately 33% less steel than conventional steel rigid conduit, making it lighter and having a larger inside diameter that permits simpler wire pulling.
SMARTUBE- CATVANLOI IMC conduit (SMARTUBE-CVL Intermediate Metal Conduit) provides superior wiring protection in many applications. NEC recognizes IMC for the same uses as RIGID, including all hazardous (classified) applications and it is threaded to be interchangeable with rigid conduit fittings and elbows and requires no change in installation procedures; bending, cutting, threading and hanging methods remain standard.
To Specify SMARTUBE- CATVANLOI IMC conduit includes the following:
Electrical Conductors shall be enclosed in SMARTUBE- CATVANLOI IMC conduit (SMARTUBE-CVL Intermediate Metal Conduit) Hot Zinc Coated Intermediate Metal Conduit and shall have organic coatings on both the OD and the ID, meeting all requirements of UL 1242 and ANSI C80.6, and shall be manufactured in accordance with the specifications of the National Electrical Code covering such conduit, and also be listed by Underwriters Laboratories as manufactured by Southern Steel Pipe BHD –Malaysia
  • Consistent Quality –SMARTUBE- CATVANLOI IMC STEEL CONDUIT is manufactured for long life and provides complete physical and mechanical protection for any electrical wiring job. SMARTUBE- CATVANLOI IMC STEEL CONDUIT products have been and are today manufactured to all of the required specifications and customer needs.
  • Easier Installs – SMARTUBE- CATVANLOI IMC STEEL CONDUIT protective, slick, ID coating reduces friction when pulling / pushing the wires. The OD surfaces are zinc-coated for further corrosion protection (the entire finish stays hard and smooth in various climate conditions). An additional OD passivation treatment provides superior protection from rust.
  • Trade sizes range from ½" to 4". 
  • Cost-Effective- SMARTUBE- CATVANLOI IMC STEEL CONDUIT thin walls allow for lower material and shipping costs, while its consistently accurate metallurgical properties and smooth surfaces require less installation capital spent on wiring projects. This pipe has an extended shelf life, great for usage or storage without degradation in quality.


Rigid Metal Conduit affords maximum mechanical protection to conductors within the raceway. Rigid metal conduit can be installed indoors and outdoors, in dry locations or wet locations, exposed or concealed, in all atmospheric conditions and in hazardous locations. Galvanized rigid steel conduit installed in concrete does not require supplementary corrosion protection. Galvanized rigid steel conduit, installed in contact with soil, does not generally require supplementary corrosion protection. However, when buried in corrosive soil (corrosive soil is characterized by low resistivity of less than 2,000 ohm-centimeter) or cinders, a protective coating of bitumastic, asphalt based paint or a PVC coating is applied to the conduit. CEC Rule 12-934 requires that rigid steel conduit installed in or under ermanently moist cinder fill be encased in at least two inches of cinder-free concrete unless the conduit is at least 18 inches below the fill. Steel conduit protected from corrosion solely by enamel can only be used indoors and in occupancies not subjected to severe corrosive influences. Rigid nonferrous metal conduit (aluminum) cannot be directly embedded in concrete containing soluble chlorides such as calcium chloride; unwashed beach sand, seawater, or coral bearing aggregates. However, if adequately treated by a protective coating of bitumastic or asphalt-based paint or PVC coating, the conduit can be installed in concrete containing chlorides. Supplementary nonmetallic coatings presently used on ferrous rigid metal o rnonferrous metal have not been investigated for resistance to corrosion. CEC Rule 12-920 requires that when conduit enters a box or fitting, a bushing must be provided to protect wires from abrasion unless the design of the box or fitting provides equivalent protection.
According to CEC Rule 12-906 where No. 8 or larger ungrounded conductors enter or leave a conduit, an insulating bushing with a smooth well rounded insulating surface must be provided to protect conductors unless the terminating fitting is equipped with an insulated throat, firmly secured in place providing equivalent protection. The insulating bushing or insulating material must have a temperature rating of not less than the insulation temperature rating of installed conductors. When conduit bushings are constructed wholly of insulating material, a locknut must be installed both inside and outside of the enclosure to which the conduit is attached. Fittings and couplings are required to be of concrete-tight type when embedded in masonry or concrete or in dry locations and of the rain-tight type when installed in wet locations. In wet locations or locations where walls are frequently washed or where there are surfaces of absorbent materials, the entire wiring system including boxes, fittings, conduit and cables must be supported such that there is at least 1/4 inch air space between it and the supporting surface (CEC Rule 2-122). CEC Rule 12-3022 requires that the raceways be metallically joined together into a continuous electric conductor and must be mechanically connected to all boxes, fittings and cabinets as to provide effective electrical continuity. Conduit is required to be supported adequately and conduit bends in one run are restricted to the equivalent of four quarter i.e. 360 degrees total. Listed below are some of the advantages of rigid aluminum conduit over rigid steel conduit.
1. Non-sparking—eliminates hazard in explosive atmospheres
2. Non-magnetic—reduces power loss due to voltage drop
3. Resists most corrosive atmospheres and industrial environments
4. Lightweight—reduces cost of handling and installation
5. Attractive appearance

IMC steel conduit - Ống luồn dây điện ren IMC | Smartube



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CVL Steel conduit & Fittings / Pipe Hangers
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